Three guys,
loads of edgy ideas.

Every one of the Dreikant-guys is one of a kind.

Or rather an individual with rough edges and edgy ideas. Every one with his very own special skills. And each of them is reflected in their wooden furniture. We think that it is the combination of real passion, professional knowledge learned step by step, and artisans' skills that are so special for them and that this mix is what makes them a little different from everything you have known so far.

We count on a young, dynamic team, each of its members having their individual skills and tasks. Thus, we can handle projects of all kinds quickly and straightforwardly.

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Mario Siller

Mario is the one juggle the figures, feels at home in the world of finance and is our man for handling offers, bills, and all everything…

Business Line

Matthias Lienbacher

He's the very best example for someone who immerses himself completely in a project. And thanks to his both creative as well as practical thinking, he…

Design Line

Stefan Rehrl

What is so special about him is his way of forward thinking. That may be the reason why he is the one to develop our projects,…

Back office

Melanie Mayer

You can always rely on her and her friendly way with everybody. And you might not only get in touch with her on the phone, but…


Rupert Wallmann

Rupert embodies the combination of perfect technical know-how of craft and a very exact and effective way of doing his job. To put it in a…


Martin Rehrl

Martin knows everything connected with a smith's craft. His technical know-how and his exact way of working with his attention to detail make him indispensable for…


Gerald Gruber

He is full of empathy for his clients and understands immediately what they want and need. Plus he is always aimed at getting the very best…
+43 660 6633954


Carina Russegger

Three words are enough to describe her clearly: creative, exact, a practical thinker. That's why she is responsible for everything connected with planning here at Dreikant.
+43 660 8449135



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