Hotels & Restaurants

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The Hotel and Catering Industry

Our projects in the sector of the hotel and catering industry include both small bars as well as complete services, such as furnishing complete premises including handling the project management, the conceptual and the planning phase plus the construction of the actual furniture. And of course, we also do everything in between.
To make sure your clients and guests feel at home from the very first moment onwards and feel the wow factor as soon as they enter, we come up with creative ideas we make come true.

Constructing Exhibition Stands

Again and again we also built exhibition stands for various hotels and restaurants and thus, play an important role in their successful representation at the trade fair they take part in.

Hotels & Restaurants

Lürzer Alm

The most exciting of all the ‘alpine adventure worlds’ is without a doubt the Lürzer Alm in Obertauern.

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Hotels & Restaurants

Sieben Fichten

As individual as the product is the shop fitting.

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Hotels & Restaurants

Peakini Clubhouse

The Peakini Clubhouse is part of the Lürzer family's Peakini concept.

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Hotels & Restaurants

Peakini Farmhouse

It is said that if you aim high, you first of all have to come down.

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Hotels & Restaurants

Genusskrämerei Hallein

Something special: shop concept setting the scene for the perfect presentation of culinary specialities

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What our Clients Think

I'm fascinated by the way the guys work in – along the lines of "Do what you love!"

Roland Huber, Fachlmeister’s Fachl Salzburg

Our Dreikant-furniture provides both a perfect sales area as well as a cosy atmosphere in which you really like to spend some more time."

Aaron Priewasser, Genusskrämerei Hallein

We love the connection between metal and wood. The metal makes the furniture indestructible, just perfect for commercial purposes. And the wood adds up some warmth and an individual touch."

Marco Sillaber, Panzerhalle Salzburg

Three guys,
loads of edgy ideas.



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